Smarter Contracts – practical case studies including financial services

LawTech UK | Mar 4, 2022

What if you could have an executive assistant to manage your contracts? They would label them correctly, file them, find the ones you need when you need them, notify relevant people of their existence and contents, remind you about key dates and important conditions and what you are required to do by when.

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Your contract assistant would pay people when they deliver and ask the right questions if something went wrong. They would flag up opportunities to renegotiate or when something needs to change, help you compare the terms and conditions in different contracts, and put reports together for you.

The technology is already here. Find out how smarter contracts can make organisations smarter too.

Smarter Contracts

Smarter contracts are already changing the way we live and work for the better.

LawtechUK’s Smarter Contracts project has identified important examples of how technology is transforming contracts used across key industries and sectors.

The case studies demonstrate digital-first solutions to real-world problems: electronic signatures, contract automation and management, insurance, renewable energy, financial services, trade, sale of goods and services, logistics and transportation, the digital representation and ownership of physical assets, sport sponsorship, and home buying and selling.

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The digital company case study explores additional opportunities that smarter contracts offer companies and institutions to unlock the benefits of a digital economy that are not available when using traditional corporate forms.

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