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FCA Study: Impact of Trading App Features on User Behaviour

FCA Research | Jun 26, 2024 The FCA’s paper “Digital engagement practices: a trading apps experiment” looks into the impact of digital engagement practices (DEPs) such as gamification on user behaviour in trading applications. Over 9,000 consumers participated in the

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Latest Developments in Fund Tokenization in the UK

Tokenization | May 28, 2024 Latest Developments in Fund Tokenization in the UK Tokenization is transforming the financial world by transferring traditional fund units into digital tokens. In the process of fund tokenization, a traditional asset is converted into digital form

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Steps to Successfully Export Your Products and Services

Exporting | May 22, 2024 Key Steps to Exporting Successfully Expanding your business by exporting products or services can unlock significant growth opportunities. Successful exporting requires careful planning and strategic execution. This guide by the Trade Commissioner Service of Canada

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Impact of UK’s Smart Data Roadmap on Fintech

Innovation | May 9, 2024 UK’s Smart Data Roadmap for 2024 to 2025 The Smart Data Roadmap for 2024 to 2025 sets out the UK government’s strategy to enhance the data economy through the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill.

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FCA’s New Consultation on Financial Crime Prevention

Consultation | April 25, 2024 Help Protect the UK’s Financial System To bolster the UK’s defenses against financial crime, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has launched a new consultation, CP24/9, targeting updates to the Financial Crime Guide. This initiative aims

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UK Government Unveils Support Package for SMEs

Tech UK | April 2, 2024 New UK Government SME Support Announced The UK government’s latest SME reform package promises significant boosts in apprenticeships and reductions in red tape, aiming to foster economic resilience and growth. The UK Prime Minister

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WonderFi Announces Australian Market Entry

Crypto | March 21, 2024 WonderFi Technologies Inc., a prominent operator of regulated Canadian crypto trading platforms, has officially announced its expansion into the Australian market, scheduled to go live in Q2 2024. This marks the company’s first international acquisition.

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Global CBDC Progress: March 2024 Update

CBDC | March 18, 2024 Interactive CBDC Global Tracker The Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) Tracker on the Atlantic Council’s website provides a comprehensive overview of the global landscape of CBDCs, which are virtual currencies backed and issued by central

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