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The United States is the world’s largest fintech market by the numbers, accounting for 57% of the global fintech market and over 8,000 fintech companies. Total fintech investment across M&A, VC and PE in the US in 2019 set a new annual record of $59.8 billion, compromising 44% of total global fintech investments.

Digital payment is the leading market segment, but other trends like challenger banks, regtech and wealth management are also growing quickly. From a funding perspective, one of the more successful fintech segments has been insurtech, where many companies are moving straight to partnership mode.

Partnerships have also become increasingly prevalent in digital lenders and digital investment management. In these and other fintech segments, some startups are finding it more beneficial to license their innovative technology to deep-pocketed financial institutions.

Exporting to the United States

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Fintech Laws and Regulations

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Global Trade Mission Opportunities

Fintech is transforming the way financial businesses operate, collaborate, and transact with customers, regulators, and others in the industry all over the world.

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