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Export information for Canadian fintechs looking to launch and scale their business in the United Kingdom


The United Kingdom is regarded as the leading global fintech hub, estimated at £9B in 2019 employing over 79,000 people. The foundation of its success lies in the UK’s leading international financial services sector, combined with a strong consumer appetite for innovative products and services and a regulatory environment that leads the world in the support it provides for innovation.

With over 1600 fintech firms (as of 2018) and the Western world’s highest fintech adoption rate of 42% (compared to the global average of 33%), the UK provides all the building blocks for a fintech startup to thrive.

The four leading areas in UK fintech are payments, platforms, software, and data analytics. In addition, the UK has been internationally recognised as having set a “gold standard” in the establishment of open banking.

Doing Business in the United Kingdom

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